What we do

There are so many great products out there. Products you may need and products you don’t really need but totally love. What we do is give these products a home! We create more than just marketplaces. Wedemann & Nagy produce high-quality shops with great products. Everything is designed, programmed and implemented by our self.

Shop Solution

The Wedemann & Nagy Group has different projects in progress. We create by creativity. We put love and effort in each of our projects. Our Online Stores are unique in design, supplies, innovation, advertising.

Our work leads us to gain a lot of experience in different categories. Near to every task in our company, from our website to customer support is done by our professional team. We are skilled in marketing, web design, graphic design, programming as well as business administration.   


Custom Design

The design is important to us, that’s why we put a lot of effort into each of our projects. We’re minimalist, everything has to be perfect starting at the design. Thanks to our skilled team we are capable to customize our websites, shops (Web design) as well as our products and our brands (Graphic design). The advertisement is an important part of our company. We are working with professional equipment to produce high-quality advertisement, thanks to our experience in marketing, video editing, picture editing. 


High-quality pictures. High-quality shops. That’s our promise! We test each of our projects in different ways. Testing the projects help us to find new ways and new solution in how to improve the online shop experience. Quality is very important to us, that’s why we put so much afford in any single movement.

Exclusiv deals

We work together with many professionals and manufacturer to deliver high-quality products. Our business partner from all around the world are working hard to fulfill all of our needs. Working closely with our partner help us to realize our projects and ideas. Strong partner helped us in the past to pass our creative limits and achieve everything we needed and wanted!

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"Creating starts with an idea and creativity is our fuel to achieve our desire."
Max Wedemann
"Creativity defines us as human. If you aren't even trying, then you can't say you really want it."
Christian Nagy
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Sleepless Hours

What to expect from us in 2019



Our first project will launch soon. We are almost ready! Currently testing every product to offer you the best quality and the best products.
March 2019
Save the Date!

Upcomming Projects

We are working on different projects, introducing in the next time. We will keep you update about our progress.
All we can say is

2019 going to be great

More innovation

We're constantly developing new ways to interact with our user. Efficiency, innovation, creativity, these are our aspects we want to focus most in 2019

Introducing BackXplorer

Our new project BackXplorer – Expand your Horizon

In December 2018 we introduced our new project BackXplorer. This project is changing the backpacking community. We are working closely together with manufacturers and people, who are interested in Backpacking. At this point, we can’t give you more information, but we keep you updated about our progress. For more details check out our website www.backxplorer.com or our Instagram: BackXplorer

For business request: info@wedemannnagy.com

Project Basemens

Our number 1 project BaseMens is doing good progress. We introduced this project to the public back in October 2018. BaseMens is going to be one of the biggest online outdoor shops with essential supplies for everybody who loves nature. Currently, we are in the testing phase. Selected persons have been given access to our products and shop. In January 2019 we start our advertising campagne and show you the first products.

Get more details at: www.basemens.com Instagram: theBaseMens

for business request: info@wedemannnagy.com

NeedAd - AD Supplies

NeedAD – Your Partner in Ad Supplies

NeedAD is a part of the Wedemann & Nagy Group. NeedAd is specialist for your needs in advertising supplies. We have a large portfolio in items in every quantity. Our customers are small to medium companies. Brand your products with your own text, logo or design. Do you have problems finding the right design? No problem our designers are willing to create custom texts or designs for you.

For business request: info@wedemannnagy.com

Christian Nagy

CEO Wedemann & Nagy UG – Marketing & Design Manager


my name is Chris. I am the founder of the Wedemann & Nagy company and the marketing & design manager. Currently, I’m studying international marketing management. Creating Ideas together with my business partner and setting them up is what I really enjoy at my work. One of my favorite projects is Basemens. I love the idea to equip nature lovers with tools you really should take with you at an adventure.

For business request: info@wedemannnagy.com


Max Wedemann

COO Wedemann & Nagy UG – Operativ & Product Manager


my name is Max. I am the founder of the Wedemann & Nagy company, also the manager of the operative business processes (COO) and chief developer of the current projects. My current favorite project is BackXplorer because from October 2019 I will live as a backpacker in Asia to create the BackXplorer travel guide as authentic as possible. In 2020 the journey continues in Africa to find the best tours and hostels for our customers because BackXplorer stands for international backpacking.

For business request: info@wedemannnagy.com

Our team

Our different projects need different experts like Jonas our expert and co-founder of BackXplorer. If you want to know more about Jonas and BackXplorer click here.  

If you have any question our support team is ready for you and willing to help. They are skilled to help you out, in any situation. Just contact us at: help@wedemannnagy.com